Ski lessons for tots

Your child can discover the joys of snow and skiing from the age of three.
"Learning is fun" is the key phrase here as the child experiences the sensation of sliding and progresses at his own pace.
Various games and exercises will be offer on a specially adapted playground for a gradual introduction to skiing. Not forgetting a pause for a snack and to rest the legs !

Objective: discovering the sensation of sliding, the snowy environment, gaining confidence and independence.

TEST: ESF children test "PiouPiou, Ourson, Flocon are proposed (fee included)   

Ski lessons for children

The Espace Killy is an incredible winter playground in which your child can progress at his own pace. Short turns or longer carved turns on green slopes or black - there's always a slope for every level.

Objective: gaining independence on all types of terrain, improving technique and above all, having fun!

TEST: ESF test "1st Etoile" to "golden Etoile" are proposed (fee included)   

Ski lessons for children and teenagers

Does your offspring now feel the need for speed?
Let your child try his hand at slalom skiing (as Chamois test) or giant slalom racing (as Fleche competition), completing the course a few hundredths faster each time to win a new medal.

Aim: perfecting technique, sharpening his competitive spirit and awakening the champion within.

TEST: ESF test "Chamoix" or "Fleche" are proposed (one fee included)   

Other Courses : Snowboard, Off-Piste, Snowshoes...