- A good breakfast is an essential start to a day on the slopes.

- You may become dehydrated very quickly in the mountains. Encourage your child to drink water often.


- Chose an all in one ski suit rather than trousers and jacket for younger children. It keeps the warmth in, the snow out and is quick and easy to remove for trips to the toilet.

- Chose mittens instead of gloves, as they are much easier to put on and invariably warmer. Fasten the gloves to the suit with a long string to avoid them being dropped and lost.

- Don't put a scarf on your child, as this may be strangulation risk. Chose a neck warmer instead.

- Wrap your child up warm; it's easy to take off a layer if he is too hot.

- Don't put on several pairs of socks, which may compress the foot inside the boot.

- IMPORTANT: Don't forget to dry off their clothes, boots and gloves in between skiing sessions and at night.


- Don't forget to slip a healthy snack such as a cereal bar in their pockets, which can be eaten to boost energy levels when we stop for a rest. Skiing uses up a great deal of energy in children.

- IMPORTANT: Please let me know if your child has any allergies as I often have a little treat or two in my pocket.

Tears and goodbye kisses:
- Don't forget to give your little one a big hug and kiss before leaving, but if he does cry, keep it short. Usually his tears dry up very quickly once you're out of sight.

Favourite cuddly toy:
- Young children are welcome to bring along their favourite cuddly toy as long as it is not too big !

Rest periods:
- Even though your child is on holiday, skiing is tiring for him and it is important to respect his sleep patterns.

Sun Protection:

- Your child's eyes are very fragile so whether it's snowing or sunny don't forget to protect his eyes with good quality, well-fitting glasses or goggles.

- Don't forget to pile on the sun block whatever the weather, it not only protects your child from the sun but also the cold.

- IMPORTANT: Don't forget to let me know if your child is allergic to any type sun block.

in the event of a fall

- It is highly recommended to wear a helmet at any age. Remember that your child is not the only one on the slopes.

- Snowboarding is great fun, but even better when wearing a helmet and wrist protections

Ski equipment:
Rent equipment rather than buy so that it will always be the right size and adapted to your child' standard of skiing.

Using the ski lifts:

- Ski lifts in Val d'Isère are free for childen under the age of 5.
However they do require a special pass to be able to use the lift system.
This pass is issued at the STVI (ski lift company) sales desks
where some sort of proof of age will be requested.

- The ski patrol number is on the ski pass for use in emergencies